New Life Community Development Corporation was formed in October 2014 through the vision of Bishop Harold B. Dawson, Jr. to simply address positive change in the area of the socio-economic ills of the community he was serving.

As a pastor in Central Illinois for nearly 17 years, and a native of Peoria, IL, Bishop Dawson always wanted to see opportunities provided for those in the area who might otherwise never have those very same opportunities. Recognizing many of the inequities and disproportionalities that exist both on a national and local level, Bishop Dawson wanted more than anything to be a part of opening doors to those who had been locked out of what many term as “the American Dream.” He wanted to give voice to the voiceless and to advocate for many who want desperately to turn their lives around—just simply don’t know where to begin.

New Life Development was designed to point those individuals in the right direction to get the resources they need to accomplish what is ultimately their dream. But make no mistake about it, NLCDC is not about one man, but rather and instead a community that is focused and determined to foster and create opportunities through business development, financial empowerment, social service and community uplift.